The Score

Filter through agencies that have achieved the highest Score compiled from the following weighted parameters:

Creative Awards

Weight: 50%

The Score covers results from selected creative contests over the last few years:



The ADC Award is an advertising award presented by the Art Directors Club promoting top creative work worldwide.



Effie is a global competition that recognizes creative works for their effectiveness and impact on brands.


Weight: 25%

The first three positions in the pitches are included in the Score.

Data inputs are taken from Pitchbie.


Weight: 25%

Net Promoter Score (NPS) values are recalculated to 0 .. 100 range and included in the Score.

Data inputs are taken from Pitchbie.

The ranking positions are weighted by the following coefficients:
Gold / 1st place100
Silver / 2nd place80
Bronze / 3rd place60

*To note: The number of shortlisted campaigns is not displayed on the Dashboard for better clarity, but is counted in the Score. This can make the ranking look misleading in some cases.
Please keep in mind that the main guideline is always the Score..

Data details

Find below an overview of the countries whose data is currently available in Creative Hunter, with a data specification for full transparency.

USCzech Republic

ADC Award

The 2020 and 2021 editions have been postponed to the autumn due to restrictions related to the spread of COVID-19.

The 2022 edition did not take place; it was postponed to the spring of the following year respectively. The ADC Awards were thus returned to the original pre-COVID spring date. Therefore, the 2023 edition evaluated 1.5 years' worth of work.

Effie Award

In the 2019 and 2022 editions, there is no publicly available information on any shortlisted campaigns.


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Pitchbie is a creative agency selection tool. That's why we only pick the entities listed in the Agency field from the award rankings. We do not include entities that were invited and managed by an agency (e.g., production companies and others)

In this case, the award is granted to all the agencies listed for the campaign.

When an agency has changed its name without changing its IN (Identification Number), only its name is changed. The original name will be retained as an alternative name for search purposes. In the case of an IN change, - the original agency remains in the database, and its flag is changed to 'Closed'. This means that it continues to appear in the Top Rated list but is not traceable in the list of active agencies (List of creatives) and cannot be invited to a creative pitch. - a new agency with a new name is created. - results of the agency with the original name remain assigned to this agency.

Creative Hunter takes results from creative pitches organized using the Pitchbie app. It's only been available for a while. The pitch results will be rolling in gradually.